Need a starter tonight

Kupp or Cooper? And why? I’m 14pts behind, I have Rams D, and Receiver slot. Opponent has Detroit D going tonight. Thanks!

I personally would go Kupp. Raiders Dst wasn’t that great to begin with then they lost Mack. Kupp also gets
a decent number of red zone targets.

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Talib might be shadowing Cooper too. Thanks

Kupp will be the more consistent target, he does have competition now with both woods and cooks on the outside, but I trust him more than I trust cooper to not pull another disappearing act.

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as the resident cooper hater on this forum, go with kupp. weak D, good connection with goff, and showed up pretty big for his rookie year, only getting stronger as the season went on. compared to…

cooper, who has to go up against the scariest D on paper, will have peters or talib on him at all times, has only gotten weaker as the seasons have gone on, and doesnt seem to have a good connection with carr all the time. all of his catches will probably come down to jump balls, and thats not really something he is good at. i honestly wouldnt be surprised if cooper ends the game with a big fat 0 on the board. unless, they get into a garbage time scenario. really though, i have him for 2 receptions, for 25 yards.