Need a Top WR - Full PPR League - Please Help! Footclan Assemble!

So, all of my WR have lost their starting QBs this year (Nelson, Fitzgerald, Hilton, Parker, Garcon). I have Gurley, Ajayi, Mixon, Peterson, Lewis at RB. If I trade away Gurley who should I target for fair value? One team has Hopkins and Green, should I try to snatch one of them and C. Thompson and give them Gurley? I could also try for a Evans/Kamara stack for Gurley. Thoughts?

I wouldn’t trade Gurley. Just because you need a WR doesn’t mean you trade an elite RB1. RBs are the most valuable position, so if you have a stud, keep him. In your case, I would try and package something like Hilton/Mixon for Evans or something similar.

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