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Need a trade?


10 Team, Standard scoring, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR), DEF, K

3-1 record

Stafford, Newton
miller, Abdullah, montgomery, Martin, gallman
beckham, parker, martavis bryant, crabtree
gronk, ertz

do i NEED to trade or wait until i’m sure that i will make the playoffs? gronk and ertz aren’t Picture of health thats why i wont either one them at the Moment…


You absolutely need to trade one of those TEs. You have an inefficient roster because you have a top asset that you can’t even play every week. Imagine if you had Brady and Rogers on your team, and you were just saving one for a rainy day. That’s not how you win at fantasy football. That’s not merely being conservative that’s being wasteful. I would trade Gronk because his name is so valuable and you might be able to get an RB1.


i see where you are going. but in my opinion it is different to 2 qb’s. they also can get hurt, but with the injury history of those to guys i’ll would get totaly mad, if the one i Keep get hurt…
but i’ll check the offers for both. thanks anyway.


I would definitely try to move one for an RB1. See if you can get someone like Melv Gordon who’s right on the RB1 fringe. If not, hold them.


I typically try and trade the guy whos name has more value. I’m not sure if people value Ertz like they should, and I think people value Gronk a bit too much given his injury history