Need a W desperately

Had Winston and had to pick up Fitz. I’m looking at the waiver wire and Keenum is projected high in yahoo and I don’t understand why. Who do I pick up and play? I’m 2-7. This is a point per completion league.

Also do you like Powell or Miller more this week. PPR League

Powell and that’s tough I’d prob roll fitz against the jets kinda that revenge game. I just feel the Vikings if the defense can stop the offense it will be more of a run heavy scheme this week

Thanks for your reply tonavelli. I appreciate the advice!


No prob I hope I’m right hopefully someone else comes in a either gives the same advice or gives you a diff opinion

Call Jameis Wilson. He can unwrap one for you. And eat it and stuff.
I vote miller over Powell (my thinking behind it, rams score a lot so game script good for ppr Miller if they are coming from behind, or playing with a lead he’s the guy.) but I’ve been wrong before : D fitz over keenum

My only thing with Powell is forte is out or id lean more on miller also and Powell matchup isn’t as bad

I’m worried about the Rams being ahead it might be more play for D’Onta Freeman though but that’s why I’m 2-7. Besides Winston costing me 3 games and Elliott now suspended I overthink things.
Thanks for commenting and helping out man!

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Tonavelli I agree. Hopefully the jets actually feature him this time instead of messing around like they did his last start.

Yea it’s a tricky sistuation there but I think whoever you go with you should have a decent play