Need a win but need a 1 week start at RB

out of these running backs who should i pick up to replace james white for the week? its full ppr and no bonuses aside from 40+ yard plays11%20week

Martin, Richard, Ito, Barber

I would go Barber. If Oakland was playing a better offense, I would say Richard but not sure what AZ will do.

This might be me projecting a life of danger onto you, but I’m feeling Doug Martin out of all those options honestly.

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I agree with Tenzuuh. Although Richard is the PPR choice, they are going to Martin, over and over and over!

Right! and Oakland hasn’t made fantasy sense to me all year so somehow this is the most logical option to me.

tough… I’m almost inclined to say Richard only because of the knee injuries leading to a potential WR group led by Brandon freaking LaFell…

I was thinking richard too just because hes had a nice floor and consistent while martin only had a few good weeks. I dont need like 20 points just a decent 10 to get by this week.

I would put a waiver request on Gio today and see what happens with Mixon at practice. If you don’t get Gio or Mixon practices in full I’d go Richard.

i put in a claim for gio by dropping smallwood and grabbed richards by dropping vinaterri (tucker is my actual kicker)

Krampus, Richard, Hines in that order for me. OAK has a nice matchup for RB’s this week