Need a win...HELP

10 team, half PPR. Win and I get a bye, lose and I’m out of the playoffs. I’ve picked wrong basically every week so any help would be appreciated.

Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX

RB: Sanders, Jacobs, Robinson, Gus Edwards

WR: Ridley, Moore, Chark, Pittman, Shepherd

I hate this league…which makes me want to win (again) so bad. Thanks in advance!

Not really sure how a win gets you a bye and a loss drops you out of the playoffs, lol.

Regardless, I think you start Sanders, Jacobs, and Robinson as your 2RB’s and FLEX. Then Ridley and Moore as the WR’s

I’ll try to make sense of it…1 team at 8-3, two are out of contention, and seven at 6-4 (including me). A win puts me at 7 and I’ve got the tie-breaker of total points so I get the bye.

Going off some projections, but here are the matchups…#1 plays a 6-4. He’s trying to let him in so he’s playing his nonstarters. Two other 6-4 teams are playing the teams out of contention. They should win (that’s four teams in the playoffs so far). That leaves four 6-4 teams playing against each other (including me). Therefore, two teams win and are in, two teams are out.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback. Same lineup I have now, but I can never pick the right wr2 and flex.

I agree with @slammer1117 for your RBs and Flex play using Jacobs, J Rob, and Sanders.

Obviously Ridley is your WR1. Were we differ is I think Pittman is a good play this week. TEN defense has just been beat up this year and I believe this game could be a shootout. In addition, P River is trusting Pittman more each week.

Moore isnt a bad play, however if Teddy B. is back I dont know if I trust Moore fully.

Overall, imho Moore, Chark, Pittman, and even Shepard are all mostly boom or bust currently.

I personally just rank them Pittman, Moore, Shepard, Chark.