Need a Win need Some advice

I have Thielen locked in and need another WR and my Flex Spot filled. Need expert advice!


Josh Gordon
Sammy Watkins
Will fuller
John brown

for WR2 i would definately go Watkins, as the patriots D has been very middle of the pack and i foresee a very high scoring game in primetime. The upside there is undeniable.

Your flex is the tough decision. For me, it would come down to John Brown or Will Fuller.

John brown is going up against the Titans D, which has actually been a top 10 defense so far this season. I predict that this is going to be a very low scoring game, as neither offense is stellar and both defenses are above-average.

Will Fuller however has only had 1 game since returning from injury, but koutee still got far more work. This could have been just easing him back in or something, but it’s worth taking note.

i THINK i like will fuller here, strictly from an upside perspective, especially going up against an extremely weak buffalo team.

But it is close, wouldn’t fault you for going Brown there

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Hey man thanks a lot for the feedback! I think I will have to take you up on it!!

What does your opponents line up look like this week? What about the rest of yours? Who you play this week should depend on what you need (high upside, safe floor etc.).

no problem brother, good luck this week!

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I have starting:

Collins rb
Carson rb
Ebron te
Fuller flex
Butker kicker


John Brown
Josh Gordon’


Matt Ryan
S Barkley rb
Delvin cook
Brate te
Corey Davis flex
Mason crosby
La Rams

I’d love to help you man but this info is kinda useless without matchup info and to be honest I’m not gonna look all those up. If you wanna edit with matchups included I’ll take a look.