Need a WIN- who do I FLEX?

I’m starting:
Zeke and Aaron Jones


  • Matt Breida @ Redskins (Great matchup, but Tevin coleman is there)
  • Sony @ Jets (So unpredictable, could easily give me a goose egg)
  • Singletary vs the Dolphins (First game back, do they ease him in? Frank gore?)

What do you think?

I’d play Sony

Well all these guys are in timeshares, not just Coleman, so I’d prolly go Breida just for how dominant the Niners run game is and the matchup

Ya I go Breida. Odds are they are up in the game so will run a lot. Timeshare but I bet he still gets 15-20 touches.

Breida for now, I would have gone singultary but I think they ease him back in.

Toss up between Breida and Singletary, but I lean more Breida as well. Shanahan’s run system is more like a double-edged sword than a time share, both of them get fed, and both of them have excellent YPC averages (Breida 5.1, Coleman 4.1). So time share won’t matter, they’ll be ahead for most of the game I think, so the run game is gonna take center stage. And even though game script says Buffalo will be run heavy, Singletary may very well be eased back in, and on the Bill’s Gore is more of the bruiser back there.

I’d go Breida on this one