Need a wr 1 or reliable wr2. Ppr

What should I offer for stefon diggs??Screenshot_20181028-194740_Chrome

Some combo of Tate, Fournette, Chubb, and Baldwin.

Maybe like Tate+Chubb or Tate+Fournette, or if he’s thin at WR maybe both Tate and Baldwin?

Just curious… How you guys rank DIggs. I have him. Some people say low wr1 , some say wr2

i think low wr1 high wr2 is about right.

He’s a phenominal talent, but unfortunately Thielen has cemented himself as the true Wr1 of the Vikings.

Looking at him from an NFL perspective, he’s probably the 1.B to Thielens 1.A, rather than a true 2.

But in terms of fantasy? He’s closer to a 2 than a 1