Need a WR for the semis-Full PPR

Made it to the semifinals despite averaging about 6 pts between both WRs over the past few weeks…I have DJ Moore, Tyler Boyd, Chris Godwin, and Courtland Sutton right now. Looking to pick up someone to play this week, though the wire is thin:

Who should I try to claim this week? Anyone?

Get Pettis for sure.

shepard/Miller are other potential options but not sure if I would start them above who you have.

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I’m not really a fan of any of those guys over your current roster. Maybe grab Shep in case OBJ is out but that’s about it for me.

I also agree with @MikeMeUpp about Pettis but he just makes me nervous. I know he balled out on Seattle last time but after what I saw yesterday from Seattle I’d be a little scared to roll anyone out against them. Pettis has been doing well the last three weeks though so couldn’t blame you if you wanted to start him at home.

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I mean any of these guys make you nervous. That’s why they aren’t elite. Might as well shoot for the guy with the most upside and the clear leader in the offense.

Also, Pettis did what he did to Seattle at seattle. This next game coming up is home game for 49ers. That defense is very diff away vs at home. I have a team where I lost AJ green and Sanders and Pettis is in consideration right now for flex play.

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