Need a WR3/4 from waivers

Tried to pick up Sanu but was outbid today. Who else would you recommend I target(full PPR)? I already have AB+Thielen+Kupp and then Callaway as a back-up. Would like another similar to Callaway.


Godwin or Cobb both better than callaway at this point imo.

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Godwin or MVS

Godwin is the safest bet. The rest are monitores. Goodwin could be a thing if healthy. Hogan might still become a thing but not soon. Robby anderson could become a thing. Lots of maybes, godwins the only one that’s been doing it.

What about Ryan Grant / Keenan Cole / Donte Moncrief?

I’d go with Cole or Godwin. For me the concern with Godwin is Jameis Winston, I have no idea what kind of report they have together. For Cole the concern is how up and down the Jacksonville offense can be BUT they should get plenty of good opportunities at the redzone each week because of how good their defense is.