Need active league mates for 12 team .5PPR w/ 3 IDP's

Have a 12 team free half-ppr league on named The Ultimate League. Experience last year with pure randoms was disappointing with multiple teams not being managed through the season. Want active league members who enjoy fun settings. Settings are as follow: (max)
QB 1 (2)
RB 2 (4)
WR 2 (5)
TE 1 (2)
K 1 (2)
DST 1 (2)
DL 1 (2)
LB 1 (2)
DB 1 (2)
Bench 7

DST settings altered to allow return yards and start with extra points going down with yards allowed. Please check out the league and settings and if you like it and can commit to managing a team please join !
Password to join is ultimate.