Need Advice! 1/2 PPR

Hey Foot clan!

Looking to get some advice, I was lucky enough to snag some of these guys from last week and now I am staring at who to Flex out of 5! I think this could be a crap shoot and seeing if you guys can stray my mind one way or another:

Corey Clement (Barring Ajayi doesn’t start)
Allen Robinson
Keelan Cole
Deshawn Jackson
Sammy Watkins

I am starting Nelson Agholor, Deshawn Jackson and Flexing Clement currently (David Johnson/Marshawn Lynch RB starts) and seeing if I should rotate out one of these starts

Any help would be great!!!

If Ajayi doesn’t start Clement is a top 10 play. Let’s say he is starting then Cole all day long.

I think I am narrowing it down to flex Clement (as long as Jay is out).

Then WR will be Agholor / Desean Jackson

Keelan will move over desean if fournette doesn’t play…I am too scared to play allen robinson if Mitch T can’t throw a decent touchdown pass.