Need advice about a deal

Is Thielen (ME) for CMC and good deal or should I be asking for more in a deal. In need of a RB as Barkley is my only real back my others are Henry, Thompson and McGuire

Whats your WR situation like?

Generally if you can do a WR 1 for a RB1 straight up thats a good deal for whoever gets the RB.

K.Allen, Jeffrey and Baldwin or my other WR

I’m just not sure if I should be aiming higher tho like Hunt, Gordon, Conner Gurley area since Thielen is like the number one WR in the league

CMC may have the friendliest playoff schedule that I’m aware of. Couple that with the fact that the Panthers just cut C.J. Anderson and what was already a non competitive role loses it’s only shred of competition for volume. Thielien could regress especially if Diggs continues to deal with missing time. I’d do it. Allen should come on more down the stretch and Jeffrey is solid, with a high a ceiling as anyone if Wentz can take his telescope of Ertz for a second. If this is PPR even better. I own Hunt and Gordon and I wouldn’t trade either for Thielen. I wouldn’t trade CMC for Thielen. If you can do it do it.

Thanks for the advice greatly appreciated