Need advice! and counter offers! Pls

I am being offered the 5th overall pick for my 9th overall.

However, I have to give up my 2nd rd. pick (2.04) in exchange for his 3rd rd pick (3.05)

Is this a good trade? I’m very skeptical but I don’t know what to counter with. I was thinking maybe asking for an additional 9th rd. pick to steal a top tier D/ST

Thanks Foot Clan

Put names to the picks and see what you think. 5th overall you’re looking at maybe Shady or Beckham Jr. at 1.09 its AJ Green or Davonte Freeman 2.04 you’re talking like Todd Gurley, Michael Thomas, or Zeke and at 3.05 you’d be looking at Crowell, Cook, McCaffery. So ultimately would you trade Freeman and Thomas for Beckham Jr. and Crowell and if not what would sweeten the pot?

Okay, theoretically lets say I sang McCoy at 1.05, then snag zeke at 3.05, I would have to take another RB at 3.09 right?

Would this put me too far behind in the WR category?

Not necessarily, but I don’t know that Zeke will fall that far. Especially given that the person you are trading will have 2 second round picks to try and snag him. Last year I drafted 3 RB’s to start the draft and ended up with TY Hilton in round 4 so there is always a possibility of finding a WR gem, granted, it is much easier to miss the gem.