Need advice ASAP!

I have Evans and a lot of players on bye. Need to fill a couple spots. Should I just drop Damien Williams and ameer? I have hunt kamara Martin and Thompson. I am in 1st just need to get through this week. Think of trading Evans to fill in my spots. Help!

Can you possibly offer a trade and do a 2 for 1 to free up a spot and maybe get an upgrade or next year draft picks? If not then I think I’d just drop Ameer and Williams. It sucks but you’re stacked at RB right now and I don’t really see you playing those guys over the others.

Agreed. I have been trying to do a two for one all week. I have been iced out from everyone because they don’t to trade with the dude in 1st

If you just need to get through the week and are in first place, I’m not sure I would make big roster changes just to fill a roster. If you can find a trade that you think makes your team better going forward and helps you this week, great. If you can’t get that done, just play the waiver and know you might not win this week. But certainly don’t make a big roster move that makes you better this week but you are worse off going forward. The Evans trade in the previous post makes you worse.