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Need Advice.. Doug Martin Trade


A team in my league has two RB’S on bye, he’s 4-2 but had OBJ and Olsen. He reached out to me for a running back, specifically Doug Martin. He doesn’t have much to offer but I feel like I can add value… does anyone see any obvious trades I can exploit?

My team: McCoy, Hunt, Martin, Keenan, DT, Parker, Ertz, Perine, Marvin Jones, Corey Davis

His team: Lamar Miller, Pryor, Brate, Abdullah, DJax, Stewart, Robby Anderson, T. Williams


he might not want to do it, but you can pepper up your trade and ask for DJax…and yeah he doesn’t have much to offer.

DJax and Abdullah for Corey Davis and Martin? IDK that I would actually trade though


Doug has looked pretty damn good these past two games - so personally I’d hold onto him as it’s such a scarce position. But if I were to trade him, maybe aim for DJax and Abdullah for Doug? You get a decent (ish) running back in return and then some good WR depth.


Do you all think Lamar Miller would be asking too much?


Not at all, but based on his team I’m not sure he’d do that. That’s his best player.


I’d keep Martin, his team doesn’t offer anything to benefit you to be honest. Ask yourself this… is there anyone on his team that you’d start over your current players?