Need advice for Keeper league

Hey everyone need some good advice here,
I am doing a standard keeper league and I can only keep 4 players.
Here are my players im thinking

Forsure is Antonio Brown and Dalvin Cook
Kind of a forsure is Jimmy Grahaham
Maybes in order: Jay Ajayi, Mark Ingram, Dede Westbrook , Diggs, and Devante Parker

Thank you.

In my opinion. Graham can go. I’d keep an eye out on how Ajayi does now that he’s with the Eagles. Ingram has been a beast since AP’s departure. I’d say keep Ingram. And for the 4th, Diggs unless Westbrook ends up rocking it now that’s he’s back.

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May I ask why cut Graham. I was thinking of keeping Graham because of the small talent pool in consistent TEs.

I feel that with Ingram and looking out for Diggs/Westbrook, the talent is much higher. Compared to Graham who’s in a team where there’s many weapons at receiving. He may not always have solid games.