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Need Advice For My One Keeper:


In my league we get one keeper and that player takes the place of your first round pick. The only two players I’m considering is Mike Evans and Ezekiel Elliott. I’m leaning towards keeping Mike Evans but I wanted to get some other peoples input about what I should do. Thanks in advance for the help.


Can you keep this player for multiple years? Or just this year?

If it’s just this season… Mike Evans for sure…

If it’s multiple I might take zeke… Sucks loosing your first rounder though… And him not playing 6 games either at the front half or during fantasy playoffs.

If your draft is after aug 29th I’d wait and make a decison after we hear more on zeke.

Evans is the safe keep.


I can keep the player just for this season, so that’s why I’m leaning towards Evans. What do you think?


No contest, gotta keep Evans


Yep… No reason to keep zeke.

go for Evans!

Goodluck this year


Thanks for confirming what I was thinking. Good luck to you guys this year.