Need Advice for QB/Flex - Tua, Carr, or Hill?

Full PPR league and sitting at 10-2. I have Rodgers going on bye. On Waivers there are: Taysom Hill, Carr, Tua. Who would be the best stream for this week?

I also need an upgrade at FLEX. I had Deebo, but he will be out 1-2 weeks. Right now my options are: E. Sanders, Latavius Murray (already have Freeman as RB), Wilson Jr., and Ty Johnson.

Best available: Jamaal Williams, Allen Robinson, Tre’quon Smith, and Russel Gage

Just need to get through this week to get Rodgers, Chubb, and Deebo back. Cheers!

QB stream in order:
Derek Carr, Tua Tagovailoa, Taysom Hill

Russel Gage > Emanuel Sanders/Latavius Murray
Jamaal Williams >>>>> Latavius Murray/Jeff Wilson/Ty Johnson
Tre’quon Smith > Emanuel Sanders/Latavius Murray

Allen Robinson - who?


Carr over Tia

Gage and Sanders are toss ups for me. Both have tough schedules moving forward. Sanders is in the better offense, Gage is the #1 now in a bad offense. Feels like a dart throw.

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Thanks guys. I got Carr off Waivers, but couldn’t get Williams or Gage.

QB - Rodgers/Carr
RB - Chubb, J. Conner, Edmonds (IR), Freeman, L. Murray, Wilson Jr.
WR - Hill, Pittman, Samuel (out), Sanders, Robinson (maybe package with trade)
TE - Andrews
DEF - Cardinals/Eagles
K - Tucker

Trade deadline is soon. Any place needs an upgrade? My WRs or Hill, Pittman, and Samuel have been carrying my team.

Is Devante Parker worth a stash if he is coming off IR?

I’d roster Parker over Emmanuel Sanders.

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