NEED advice on a David Johnson Trade

Should I trade Adam Thielen, Kenyan Drake, and Keenan Cole for David Johnson, Courtland Sutton and Fitzmagic. I have plenty of Wr depth with Corey Davis, Edelman and funchess also have Chris Thompson. My other Wr is Keenan Allen and other rb is Hunt. The trade offer used to want Keenan instead of Thielen. I think it may be worth it.

Yes. Immediately if that offer is on the table, take it and run.

Fitzmagic is probably drop worthy. Sutton is also not really worth it in redraft yet. So you’re basically doing a 3 for 1 but it’s more than worth it. Will be plenty of good pick ups on the waiver wire.

Also started Stafford week 1 :(, would fitzmagic be with worth week 2? Also Keenum on wavier. What about starting Eifert tonight?

Do not start Fitzmagic against Philly lol.

Keenum is my top streaming candidate.

I’m not really trying to start eifert unless I have to. Best TE streams are Cook/RSJ and maybe Jonnu for me this week.

Even with RSJ playing the rams?

Did you see what Jared Cook just did the rams? TE is their weakness.

100% do that right now

Any worries about DJs injury. He just a minor back one this week.