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Need advice on dealing with a team manager


Have a buddy who said he was a competative player. Invited him into a league with some other competative fantasy players. He auto draft cause he was at a college game on draft day. Has a good team, but I don’t think he really knows what he’s doing because he’s been benching guys like Mike Evans fournette in favor of Rob Kelley etc.

I want the league to be fun for everyone and I don’t want him to throw his money away. Do I give him advice to help him out or just let him get wrecked all season?

Edit:. Posting from my phone so I apologize for typos


If you give him advice and he starts winning, you will never get the credit and he’ll end up rubbing “his way” in your face, I would. You let him tank his team but always give him a good dose of smack talk each and every week on his poor decisions from the previous week


Lol not about getting credit for me. Just about having fun. I don’t want him to hate playing fantasy cause he gets smashed every week


I would give him advice but in a way that steers him towards becoming better on his own. Tell him that experts such as the Fantasy Footballers recommend …

That way, you are not at fault when crazy things happen and your advice goes south. It is crazy, but maybe Fat Rob falls into the end zone 3 times and scores more points than Evans.


Good call. Thanks!


For my league, I want everyone to have fun too, but I don’t want to run two teams and a league. I ended up mocking two guys for bad decisions. One got better as the season moved on and actually won the ‘ship the next season. The other guy quit and we’ve got a more competitive owner now. WIN/win.


Nice. Thats worked out well in your situation. I think I’ll try and give him a bit of shit about it and maybe that’ll light a fire under his ass about it. I think what really irritates me is that there are competative individuals in the league who lost guys like dj and would be thrilled to have one of his serviceable rbs or wrs and he’s benching them instead of playing.