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Need advice on dynasty


So I’m creating a 10 team dynasty league and need advice on some of the settings:
How large should the bench size be? (1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1TE, 1Def, 1K)
Is having a Kicker necessary?
Should I have divisions or not?

Any other common advice well appreciated.


A couple thoughts:

  • I’m on the side of Kickers are never needed.
  • I personally like divisions but the only issue with that in dynasty is one division could be a lot better than the other over the years. Though, that could also be a selling point because at least the weaker teams in the weak division have a chance at the play offs.
  • 4 team playoffs. Whats kinda cool with a smaller league is you can do multiple week championship and even playoff games.
  • I like injury reserve bench spot if site you play on allows that for dynasty.


Some ideas that are not the general norm.

I kinda like the idea of combining the kicker with the DE/ST. Adds a little strategy of teams with a great defense but not so great kicker or vice/versa.

I prefer divisions if possible. If you are worried about one division being dominant ya can change the divisions every season with all the teams finishing odd in one and even the other.

I also am not a fan of having a 2rb, 2wr, 1 flx setup. Being able to start 3 rbs 2wrs isn’t realistic for an NFL team, Why do we do it in fantasy? IMO best is 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, I WR/TE.

Hope some of this helps.


In the one dynasty league I’m in, we have No Defense, No Kicker and double Flex. Otherwise same as yours, and then 15 bench spots. It was a startup last season, then when this year’s rookie draft came around (3 rounds). We actually added 3 more bench spots. So 18 total bench spots now.


I’ve just started a 12 team dynasty league and we are running with:

25 man rosters with 2 IR spots.
QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE) and Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE).

Decided to not go with kickers or D/ST at all.


I agree with everything said here. Very level league rules.


what website do you use?


My dynasty uses MFL. Here are a few things we do. I am updating some this year.

  1. Divisions - we have two but we change them every three years.

  2. Roster Size - we were doing 20 but recently are deciding to go up to maybe 30 to make it a true dynasty where trading is more important than waiver wire.

  3. Taxi (redshirt) spots - we do one but I have heard of more in a league.