Need advice on Kelce

I have Travis kelce and my league doesn’t require a tight end but I can always flex him. Would Travis kelce for josh Gordon be a fair trade? Or do you all think I should keep kelce.

Damn, that’s a hard one.

However, keep in mind that the Chargers (week1 matchup) are real tough on tightends. It’s one of the few times I would ever consider sitting Travis. His career against them is absolutely horrid and so this past game is not indicative at all in what he will be capable of.

Josh Gordon is a stud, but will we get a full season out of him? Weed is being sold on every corner in Cleveland. Okay, I know that didn’t sound right and shouldn’t be a determining factor, or should it? Then you have to consider Tyrod, someone else may be able to answer this-but has he ever had a 1,000 yard receiver? Is Tyrod going to have that goof game making way for Bakefield? You might notice, I spelled his name wrong, but it makes total sense in Gordon’s case. You also have to wonder if Gordon’s presence merely helps Landry’s case for being the number one option.

Ultimately, this is one I can’t answer… but perhaps I gave you a few thoughts to consider.

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I appreciate your insight and the humor… Gave me a good laugh… but I am on the fence about Gordon as well, but his upside is tremendous. It’s just hard for me to start kelce when I have Larry Fitzgerald and Davante Adams. I started James conner over kelce this is past week and it paid off. I just don’t see a situation where I’d truly want to play him. Do you have any other receiver ideas I could target?

My thoughts on Kelce are this, he potentially will be a 1,000 yard receiver with the possibility of 8 touchdowns easily. Since he is merely a flex player and your league does not have TE’s you could shoot for a Josh Gordon but is that really going to be an upgrade? I don’t like Tyrod as a producer of top notch wr’s.

Perhaps look at the guy who has AJ Green. Travis Kelce was basically a late third early 4rth round pick in leagues with TE positions, there’s a reason for that. His production is better than say a healthy Doug Baldwin.

Another option, perhaps pair him up with Fitz and try to get someone to bite with one of the upper tier Wr’s. I just wonder if Kelce had faced another team that hasn’t historically stopped him and he threw up 25 points this past weekend if you’d even entertain these thoughts. I regard Kelce as being even better than FItz right now, but you probably can’t get the value Fitz is worth due to his performance this weekend either.

Gordon is the better talent, and you could probably swing a trade. I just despise T. Taylor. He completed 15 out of 40 passes against a not so good Steeler defense. That’s the part that worries me.

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does Travis kelce and James conner for joe mixon sound like a plausible trade? I literally just traded Ajayi and Kupp for Fournette… couldn’t believe that happened.

I’d give up Kelce and Conner for Mixon.

Gordon vs Kelce is a tough one. If there isn’t a TE slot, I’d probably rather have Gordon by a smidge.


What are your feelings towards Kareem hunt this season? Do you think joe mixon will finish the year higher?

Hmm that’s a close one. I’d still take Hunt cause I like the offense and the coaching like 10x more. And Hunt is also a very capable pass catcher and the goal line work.

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I tend to agree with you here… if mixon had the right coach and offensive system he would be a top back without a doubt. His skill set is unbelievable

If Mixon on was on the steelers, saints, patriots, 49ers, rams as the lead back, he’d be a top 4 running back for me.

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I’m in a ppr league and I have

Dalvin cook
Josh Howard
Kenyan Drake
James conner
Antonio brown
Keenan Allen
Jarvis Landry
Allen Robinson

How does conner, cook, Landry sound for Thomas and Gordon.

I’d be trading that to the bell owner.

Should I sweeten the pot and throw in Allen Robinson and request he throw in Kupp or is that too much?

Assuming you mean Jordan Howard.

I would definitely make that Offer. Whether he takes it or not is another question. personally I would turn it down pretty quick. Doesn’t heart to try though.