Need advice on League for comissioner, playoff vote?

Okay. So I started the season an abysmal 0-5, but fought back to be 6-6 before this past week. I ended up losing so I’m 6-7, and the team I’m chasing for the 4th playoff spot should have lost BUT the team he played against is checked out, didn’t set his lineup, and played an injured Driskel instead of Kyler, and would have won if he played Kyler! I play the team I was chasing this week so it would have been a play in game. Is my historic comeback season over or can/should anything be done about the guy getting in the playoffs based off his opponent not setting his lineup anymore? Don’t know if I’m in denial or if I have a point.

As much as it sucks unless their is some kind of punishment for not setting a line up thats been in place since the start I dont think theres much you can do. Worth a ask to the Commish though

We have a $10 to the pot for anyone that leaves someone in on a bye or doesnt take out an injured player unless it was a last second game time call on the player. We also have a pretty involved commish which helps alot.

Yeah unfortunately I think you’re out of luck at this point. I think it would have been different if you had said something before last week’s games but it’s hard to take away a playoff spot from someone since technically they won fair and square. Again would be different if there was collusion between the turd that didn’t set his lineup and his opponent, but without clear collusion I don’t think there’s much you can do.