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Need Advice on Possible Trade


I was considering trading Rob Kelly for Todd Gurley because I’m concerned about the possibility of Kelly losing the starting job if he has a couple bad starts but I don’t know if I’m overeating or not. What do you guys think?
My other RBs are:
Ezekiel Elliott
Jay Ajayi
Terrence West
Thomas Rawls
Darren McFadden
Thanks for the help Footclan


If you can get the owner of Gurley to trade straight up R. Kelly, jump on that as fast as you can! Heck, I’d even throw in Terrence West with Kelly for Gurley

BTW - Don’t worry about overeating…a full belly is a happy belly! lol


YOu have to do it! OMG!!! DO THE TRADE ASAP!!!


Completely agree. I would be all over trading Kelly for Gurley. Plus if you dont need one either Gurley or Ajayi after week 8 you could sell one high for a greater need.


im in a 12 team PPR league and want K. Allen.( I have A.Brown) Should I trade TY Hilton? Or package any 2 WR D. Moncrief, R. Matthews, C. Davis , or TE Reed, J.Doyle?


Try to package Moncrief and Davis for Allen


Thanks for the trade advice I offered Kelly and West to make the deal look better since I wouldn’t need West anyway.


The owner declined the trade so I’m going to change it a little. What do you guys think of Rob Kelly and Thomas Rawls for Todd Gurley or Rob Kelly and Randall Cobb for Rob Kelly?


I’m pretty sure everyone here thought that trade was offered to you, and couldn’t believe it. Kelley for Gurley is a non-starter.


No I wanted Gurley so I offered Kelly and West for him, is that not a good trade? If not who else could I trade to make it more appealing, the other I’m willing to trade are:
Thomas Rawls RB
Randalll Cobb WR
Alshon Jeffery WR
Rob Kelly RB
Terrence West RB
Darren McFadden RB
Pierre Garcon WR
Is a combination of players that would make sense trading for Gurley where I don’t feel like I’m overpaying?


There isn’t a combination of players you listed that I would trade Gurley for, honestly.


Really, even after he’s coming off a rough season. The other players I have are Jay Ajayi, Ezekiel Elliott, Terrelle Pryor, and Tyreek Hill. But I thought I would be offering to much if I offered Ajayi or Elliott.


Yes, you would be. And yes, there is no combination of those players I’d take for Gurley. Here’s why: Gurley has top 5 upside, and even in a down year, Gurley finished 15th (i.e. a high end RB2). That’s his floor. I cannot imagine it gets worse than 2016 Jeff Fisher and Jared Goff. That floor may be higher than Kelley or West’s ceilings.


So it’s pretty much impossible to trade for Gurley without giving up crazy value. What about a trade for CJ Anderson or Isaiah Crowell?


Basically. Either of those guys would be much more attainable. Crowell probably costs more than Anderson.


Ok I guess I’l try and trade for one of those, thanks for the advice.


No problem. Sorry I didn’t have better news.


Nah your good I appreciate the advice. What do you think I should offer to get either Crowell or Anderson?


You need to figure out what he needs. What is his roster like? Does he need WRs? Maybe entice him with WR & RB combo. If he has a low end TE and looking for an upgrade. It would help if you post your roster and his roster. With what you’re telling us, I don’t see a combo with the RBs you listed he would accept. You probably when Ajayi 1st then Zeke 2nd making you kinda weak in WR department I guessing. He probably went Tier 1 wr then picked up Gurley near end of 2nd probably. I’m just guessing since we dont have both of your rosters. Std, .5ppr full?


It is a standard scoring league
My roster is:
QB Dalton
RB Ajayi, Zeke, Kelley, McFadden, Rawls, West
WR Garcon, Pryor, Jeffery, Cobb, Tyreek Hill
TE Rudolph
His roster is:
QB Bress
RB Ingram, Gurley, Perine, Perkins,
WR Green, Hopkins, Rishard Matthews, Aiken, Crowder
TE Walker, Gates