Need advice on potential trade

Should I trade Fournette and mike Thomas for Kareem hunt and Julio Jones?

Nope. I own Hunt and Julio and I’m disappointed each week

I’d rather own Hunt and Julio. Fournette and Thomas are great but I think Hunt and Julio will be more consistent ROS. It’s close either way though.

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I would lean to the Hunt jones side. There is something going on with Fournettes foot and ankle they are not fully disclosing and love the match up schedule with Hunt and Jones. Reid will realize that they had a winning formula with Hunt and Hill and get back to the winning ways.

I would never make that trade…

but some depends on your team. SO lets say you had other studs but you wanted a baseline guy like jones, but you would be giving up Thomas a baseline guy

FOURNETTE will be back and I love Thomas…

Hunt is wayy on the decline and Jones upside is he has a baseline that is realiable,but so does Thomas and it appears more upside