Need advice on this trade please

So my team is as follows

Russel Wilson
Marcus mariota

Michael Thomas
Brandin Cooks
Devante Parker
Devin Funchess
Corey davis
Josh Doctson

Todd Gurley
Jay Ajayi
Isaiah Crowell
Marlon Mack
Kenyan Drake
Matt Forte

Evan Engram
Tyler Kroft

I need help with a trade, i was offered Julio Jones and Mark Ingram for Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks. Thouhts anyone??

I wouldn’t do it.

I wouldn’t do it either…Gurley a beast

Thanks guys input helps

Julio has been struggling (I’m sure he’ll kick back up) and Kamara splits with Ingram. While Gurley is the main weapon in the Rams offense and Cooks will see more targets since Hogan went down. Don’t do that trade.

I see the appeal. Especially with Gurley’s schedule… But JJ has been inconsistent.

Yeah my main appeal to it is looking at each players respective schedule. JJ and ingram have the easier playoff schedule and im 7-1 so thats what im looking for