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Need advice on who to keep


Hello everyone, I need your advice on who I should I keep. I am taking over a new team since the previous owner has quit. It is a 10 man PPR league. I can keep a maximum of two players with round penalties. I will put the round that I would have to draft them in beside their name. I appreciate your advice!

Larry Fitzgerald - I would have to draft him in the 3rd round
Tyreek Hill - 9th round
Travis Kelce - 4th round
Jamison Crowder - 10th round

What do you all think?


Tyreek Hill and Jamison Crowder are the most appealing options on the surface considering what you’d have to give up. Fourth round is a little high for me to keep Kelce, but it’s easier to get quality WRs throughout the draft than it is to get a dependable TE, so it might be worth keeping Kelce for that reason.

I’d stay away from Fitzgerald for a third round pick. What are your RB options?


Hey Adam,

So far my RB back options would be:

Ty Montgomery - 9th or 10th pick
Kenneth Farrow - 9th or 10th
Darren McFadden - 9th or 10th

The previous owner had Elliott but since he was a 1st round pick I am not able to keep him.


I like Montgomery there. If you went Montgomery with Hill/Crowder you’d have two solid flex guys, both with RB2/WR2 potential.

Going Kelce with Hill/Crowder/Montgomery would give you confidence at TE.

If it were me, I’d go Montgomery/Hill. You wouldn’t be gaining or losing much if you went Crowder over Hill, to me it’s a gut call based on Hill’s ceiling.


I definitely like the idea of Montgomery/Hill. Even though Crowder would be good there as well. Almost a toss up between Hill/Crowder…I think I would feel more comfortable going with Montgomery/Hill and not taking Kelce as a fourth round. Although I might be persuaded to take Kelce. Also I am drafting 10th in a snake if that makes a difference in what you would suggest?


All of my drafts are auction, so I don’t pay too close attention to ADP.

With the 10th and 11th pick, you’re going to miss out on the top studs (Johnson, Bell, Zeke and AB, OBJ, Julio) but you could still land a solid RB1 and follow up right away with a WR1.

You should be able to grab Michael Thomas or T.Y. Hilton (unless for some reason AJ Green falls that low). RBs I’d look into are Gordon, McCoy, Freeman - in that order.


Hey Adam,

I am sorry I should have clarified before. It would be the 9th and 10th round so the picks would be like 90th or 100 not the first round 9th and 10th pick overall. That is my mistake I should have said that earlier.


No I got you. You’re giving up your 9th and 10th round picks to keep Montgomery and Hill, but you have the 10th pick in the snake (1st rd pick 10, 2nd rd pick 1 - which equals 10th and 11th picks overall).

The more I think on it, the more I would stay away from Kelce for a 4th round pick. You can wait and grab Eifert or Graham to fill your TE.


Oh ok. I figured you did know what I meant. So now to do more research on Hill and Crowder. Thank you very much!