Need advice on WR 1 and WR2 start full PPR?

Have Odell Beckham and TY Hilton starting right now, but now thinking if it would be crazy to replace Beckham with his tough match-up with the Ravens with Terry McClaurin easier match-up vs the Eagles. Thoughts

I think I’d go with Terry. I believe in Beckham this year but I have to see it first before I go all in. And plus, you’re about the matchups


Ya I’m feeling the same way and the matchup with the Ravens is terrifying for week 1 with new coaching staff as well!

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Would not be crazy at all. I’d made the same start this week. I’m optimistic on Odell, but week 1 vs the Ravens isn’t where I’m taking that shot. McClaurin vs Eagles seems much more likely to hit.

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I’d got Terry and OBJ. I think OBJ against the Ravens seems scary but if you believe the Ravens will score a lot (which I do), the Browns will need to pass. OBJ is a fine play this week. TY is a little riskier in my opinion. Colts should be run heavy and I could see them not throwing a lot.

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