Need advice please

I’m in a full point ppr and I’m not sure who to play in my te spot this week I have Evan engram and jimmy graham witch one can I feel comfortable rolling out?

I love your options. Right now I have no confidence in the Seahawks until week 6. It seems like about that time of year every year russel decides to play. With that said the giants ate poo poo too lol. Although Beckham is slow to start and engram caught the ball better than marshal. For that reason I think he is the better of the two. Engram it is.

Engram. Don’t overthink it—despite the fact that the Giants have sucked, he’s gotten consistent targets the first two weeks. I don’t think either has a particularly tough matchup, but I trust the giants to at least score and put together a drive. The same cannot be said for the seahawks right now.

Thank y’all so much for making it much more clear