Need advice - QB FLEX playoffs

I think I need more depth/options at QB and FLEX for playoffs. Currently have:

QB: Allen
WR: T. Hill, J. Jefferson, C. Kirk, C. Claypool, A. Lazard
RB: Dillon/Jones, Henderson/Michel, Swift, B. Scott
TE: Knox, Thomas
Been streaming kickers and DST but currently have Vikings and J. Elliot.

For QB I was leaning toward Tua. But I also could do Heinicke, Garoppolo (Deebo worries me) though), or Taysom.

For FLEX I was considering picking up MVS (but I have Lazard), Brieda (dropping Scott), or Toney/Golladay since they have a decent schedule.


redraft or keeper/dynasty? ppr or non? how many teams?

Sorry, 10 teams, redraft, full PPR.

In a 10 team redraft I prefer to stash WR/RB over a second QB. Unless you league has several teams stashing 3+ QBs, you can find guys like Tua on waivers. You’re playing Allen each week as opposed to “getting cute” with any of those options mentioned.

Think I prefer MVS over Lazard ROS.

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Thanks! I ended up not picking up a QB – a couple teams are stashing two QBs, one is stashing like 3 … but luckily there’s still some good options that remain on the waivers each week, so your point is extremely valid!