Need advice! Trading for Kamara

Hey got offered Kamara and Moore for J. Taylor, Connor and Kupp? I wanted Diggs but he is trying to push Moore instead still a good deal? What should I do?

i would, Conner is injury prone so who knows how long he’s got on field before another happens, and if it’s then JTT and Kupp for Kamara and Moore i think that’s an easy W for you.

Did you just post the same topic less than 2 hours apart lol?

And i actually disagree with @GJN27 , sure Connor is injury prone but does that suddenly mean his value is negated in the trade? That’s a borderline RB1, an RB2, and a low end WR1/high end WR2 for Kamara(who’s a stud don’t get me wrong) and a currently low WR2.

I believe that he is just trying to sell high on Kamara and filling out his depth because he knows that this output isn’t sustainable. I find it extremely hard to believe that Kamara is going to stay healthy with the usage that’s being put through right now. He’ll remain an RB1 rest of season for sure but i find it much more unlikely than not that he’s going to be putting up 30 point+ weeks every week. I’d bide your time, wait another week or 2 and see how both your players and his shake out and revisit this.

Hahaha yes I did! Lol. I am 0-3 and I need to shake things up a bit that’s the reason I am trying to go for this trade. If I can get Diggs I might do it.

This seems to hurt you tbh. You lose two starting RBs to replace with the RB1 and you downgrade at WR. MT is coming back and we don’t know what the Saints offense will look like.

Kamara is untouchable because the price is so high it’ll wipe out your team to aquire.

it’s not a downgrade at WR at all lol

I think it’s more lateral than a downgrade, but certainly isn’t an upgrade, at least with the sample size we have so far.