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Need advice, Watkins for J.Allen and T. West


I just got this trade in my PPR league. I am being offered Buck Allen and T.West for Watkins. My current WR S Watkins, D.Adams, J Crowder =(, and JJ Nelson. my RB Ajayi, Gordon, Kelly, and Martin. I am thinking my WR core is pretty weak and Watkins has potential to help that out.


I’m somewhat confused if you have Watkins currently or have West and Buck. Whichever way it is, you WANT Watkins. You shouldn’t make any trade that gives you Buck and West, that would be terrible for your team. Baltimore’s run game is not good.


Sorry I can see how confusing my post is. LOL I suck at explaining things. Thanks for the advice. I was leaning more towards keeping Watkins just needed a little reinforcement since so much praise has been surrounding Buck Allen in PPR