Need advice with 11th pick in 12 teamer

Hey Ballers!

Really conflicted with this pick. I don’t know if I should grab Kelce with one of OBJ or JuJu. Or potentially draft one of those WR with Leveon (who has to dropped to me frequently in mocks).

Thanks for the help!

If you can get Juju at 1.11, take him! I like Kelce better than OBJ right now, as crazy as that is to say/write. Lastly, I’d value stability/consistency over increased risk here.

I think I’d go with Leveon if you can get him, then Juju/OBJ in the 2nd to give you a good top 2. Bizarrely enough if you don’t go RB I think I would go Kelce and then a WR; you’d likely be getting Freeman, Mack, or Moportunity as your RB1 though which wouldn’t be great, you’d probably need to go back to back RB and get Carson or something. That’s what my brain said anyway when I put myself in that position

I really don’t like LeVeon Bell and I think he should be in the busts category. Juju is fine but I’m looking at Nick Chubb at 11 there. Chubb is an absolute beast of a RB. Hunt won’t even play until at least week 10 and it’s no guarantee he’s traded by then or not fully integrated into the offense. Chubb has a chance to finish in the Top 5 of RBs (and maybe even Top 3). He is 100% worth a 1st round pick and people should be doing it. This reminds me of CMC last year. Get him now BEFORE he’s a Top 5 pick next year.

Others I’m liking from 9-12 picks: Adams if he falls (duh), Hopkins, Julio Jones. Don’t think anyone else is that realistic.


If that’s me, i’m probably going WR-WR. Then I’m looking to get some RB value in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds. I’d get two stud WR’s like JuJu, Tyreek, Julio, etc. then I’m targeting Kerryon (if he gets to the 3rd?) Devonta Freeman, Josh Jacobs, Chris Carson, David Montgomery, etc. I think there’s a decent amount of value even in somebody like Mark Ingram, Miles Sanders, etc. You’d have stacked WR spots and high upside RBs.

Im also picking in the 11th spot, and most mocks I’m either going WR-WR or WR-RB. 1st round I’m getting a mixture of Julio or MThomas, and picking up Hill, Chubb, DCook, or Conner in the 2nd. And then 3rd-4th rounds usually pick up MMack, AJones, Freeman, Mahommes, or Jacobs. I think my favorite mock was picking MThomas, THill, DFreeman, & Mahommes in the first 4 rounds (League: 12 team Full PPR w/QB 6pt PTD)