Need advice with trade

I have Saquon and Connors. Also Trey Boo Boo

Could be good for you. I like Gordon more than Jones, hunt more than fornette, I do like kiddle more than graham but it could go either way. Rivers has decent potential but Brady is consistent. I would consider heavily and probably accept

What do you think Gordon being released does. Obviously he gets picked up by somebody else right ??

Other teams have already had interest in trading or picking him up so I’m sure he will be out no less than 2 weeks (this is my opinion not fact)

I’m not a fan.

I mean, you’d get Kittle but you already have Burton.

You’d get Rivers but you’re good with Brady.

You’d get rid of Gordon, which you already would have done and it’s not like you were playing him, so you have other WRs already that are probably better or only a step down from Jones.

Then you’ve got Hunt for a hurt Fournette. Keep Hunt.

I say decline the trade or counter

i fault for not being clear im the one receiving Hunt and Brady…