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Need advice


I’m 0-2 in one of my leagues and I’m
Not sure where to make the changes needed for victory. I have been kinda screwed in the first two weeks. Week 1 I played against kareem hunt, and week 2 I played against Brady/gronkowski. My team hasn’t killed it but I woulda beat maybe half of the league. Here’s my team: (2 starting flex spots)

Alex smith (streaming)
Devonta freeman
Christian mccaferry
Terrance west
Michael Thomas
Jamison crowder
Tyrell Williams
Jordan reed

Eric decker
Rex burkhead
Kenny G
Juliois thomas
Kerwyn Williams (dropping, waiver pick up)
Andrew luck (waiting and praying)

Give me your advice? Trades? Drop? Who to start? I’m out of ideas


How big is your league? I’d bet jj nelson is on waivers. Go get him to start with. Right now has more upside than crowder. Move crowder to bench (he gets Williams spot)


Not available. With that extra starting flex spot waivers are kind of tough. I currently have waiver requests for Trevor Simeon and dropping Alex Smith, also trying to pick up Perine and dropping Williams.


Is witten available? Rashad Higgins as well would be worth a shot.


Higgins looks intriguing. Witten isn’t available


Higgins could become a WR2 pretty quickly I reckon.


If we analyze your team by strength and weakness. Your strength currently lies in your RBs. You have a top 10 wide receiver but other than that your receiver core is weak. If I were you, I would try upgrading your receiving core. Imo, you either have to flip one of your RBs (because it’s where you have the most value) for a WR/RB combo that will give you more combined points per week or strike luck on the waiver wire. In order to do that, you’d have to find someone in our league who is strong in WRs and weak in RBs. If you have the waiver priority, I would say you pick up Chris Carson or Chris Thompson and trade McCaffrey for two starter WRs or an RB/WR combo.