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Need an Eval before I send proposal


I really want Ty mongomery, and his owner really likes Martavis Bryant so I was thinking about offering Marshawn Lynch and Bryant for Mongomery. Am I offering too little? too much?


I’d say you’re giving up too much. I imagine you had to draft Lynch pretty high in the draft when Montgomery was still available. And then you add Martavis Bryant to the deal. If you offer Lynch and Bryant I would expect to get more than just Montgomery


too much, when negotiating never throw your best offer first but tell him you counter for what he wants and play off that


Thank you for the input much appreciated. I initially offered lynch and forte, he has powell so I figured lynch and his handcuff. My next step would have been to swap in bryant for forte because i know he really likes bryant, but you both confirmed what I felt. I think giving up lynch and bryant may be too much. And you are right. we drafted the end of the first week of august so it was very early and I took lynch very high. I have bell if that changes things, but im not very deep in either wr or rb.


I like Monty, but that’s a bit much.