Need an extra opinion

I just lost Hunt and I would like to get your opinions on how large my team took a hit, if any. 10 Team standard league

QB: Mahomes
RBs: Gurley, Ware, Mack, Ekler, Henry, Hines,
WRs Juju, Sanders, Fitzgerald
TE: Kittle
D/ST: Steelers, Vikings, Broncos

Let me know what you think fooclan

As it’s a standard league you have taken a hit, especially at RB going from having two RB1s each week to an RB1 (albeit the best RB1!) and RB2’s who are a little TD dependant at the moment.

Rest of your team is solid enough though that i think you will be fine but it has weakened your RB2 slot and flex spot be extension. I would be tempted to think about Steelers, Fitz as drops for some higher upside WRs to flex.
In a 10 team there must be some options on the wire, plus with Broncos and Vikings you don’t need 3 DSTs you can go DEN, MIN, DEN to close the year just drop the Steelers last minute so they cant go against you/help anyone else.

I just lost sanders, I picked up godwin and chris conley

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Play Broncos d this week.
JuJu for sure. I think Larry or Godwin. Kirk just hit IR so Larry could have a vintage showing ROS. Godwin is just fast and can get open which is good for a guy who likes throwing bombs like Jameis.
I think you gotta like Ek against cincy this week.

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