Need an RB and Flexx

Full PPR. Starting Jacobs.

Need an RB and Flex

Sanders, Taylor, Carson , Malcolm Brown

Parris Campbell, Slayton.

Bumping please. Thanks

Taylor and Carson

Give Sanders a week to test it out…

Taylor and Sanders.

Sounds like Sanders is full steam ahead.

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Bit worried about his usage first game back plus as an Eagles fan the O-Line is suspect.

Jonathan Taylor is a 110% lock at RB2… That one isn’t a question.

As for the Flex… Reports were saying that Sanders was healthy enough to play week 1 but they were writing off WAS and decided to keep him out as a precaution. He should be full go this week and I personally believe the targets will be there for him to have a solid PPR floor. The WAS loss was one they couldn’t really afford, so they don’t have the luxury of being conservative with their best players this week.

That being said, Carson is a beast… The Pats D is being underrated (IMO) because of the turnover but if they can be exploited anywhere, it’s on the ground. If SEA is smart, they’ll be focusing on feeding Carson this week as NE will be focused on eliminating Wilson and the deep ball. I’d personally lean Sanders slightly (this is what you drafted him for), but you won’t regret starting Carson either.

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Great points … Appreciate the feedback