Need an RB soon

Need an RB next week Full PPR

Between injuries and Byes for Week 9 need to grab an RB

Have J Taylor to use.

On bye are Mixon, Sanders, Scott.

Carson depends on health

Best Avail

Moss vs Seattle
Dobbins vs Colts
Perine vs Patriots
Hyde vs Bills
Kelley vs Raiders
Hasty vs Packers

Hyde if carson is still out. Then maybe Kelly as the raiders run D sucks. But who knows who’s the lead back in SD.

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Any other thoughts. Thanks

Hyde is definitely the clear one if Carson is out.

If possible I’d consider stashing dobbins. Really tough game v steelers but on off chance Edwards or Ingram get traded he could have a big bump in value.

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Thanks looking for Week 9 but leaning Hyde then Dobbins.

I just saw a post on CBS fantasy that Hyde could miss the game so you may want to look at another RB. ITs a coin flip btw dobbins and Kelley imo.

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Most of these options are tough to gauge. For Week 9.

Not sure who to grab…

What’s your waiver priority? If you’re stuck at the back you should grab someone asap. On your list, I’d prob go Hyde, Hasty, Perine, Kelley, Moss. But I might not waste a high waiver priority on any of these guys and if you have an available spot on your roster, maybe pick up a Pollard, Mattison, or Murray. Last thing, check on Coleman. If he’s there now you can add him quickly and put him on IR and then add another lottery ticket before everyone gets locked til Weds.

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Sorry forgot to mention I have a roster spot open right now.

Didn’t do any waivers this week so sitting at # 3 right now.

Is TC on the wire?

Unfortunately no.

We have 3 IR spots and someone has him.

Personally I’d pick a wild card like Pollard or someone in his position but if you want to handle it this week then i’d go Hyde since you have Carson. Just cross your fingers and hope that Deejay Dallas doesn’t ‘run’ away with the job.

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For the heck of it grabbed Perine as Gore is Questionable.

Don’t need this week so can always drop for someone else…

Nice. Good move. Good luck! Something good has to happen for the Jets eventually right?

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