Need an RB to start due to bye week hell

I’m currently in bye week hell as Jordan Howard is on bye.

Thinking of rolling out Alex Collins, but D Williams, Fat Rob, Rawls, McFadden, Ellington and Forte are all available on FA. What should I do?

@Deepcrows Out of all those options I’d have to go with Collins. Mcfadden would be second to me but morris will probably get the bulk of the work.

Collins is your best option.

I like Collins as a player but this week’s match up isn’t very favorable titans have a tough run d. If your in a ppr league forte is a bad option since he’s the pass catcher and had 10pts or more the last 3 weeks

I suppose I should’ve specified, this is a standard league

Def Collins, but don’t be surprised it he only gets you 6/7 points.