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Need big trade advice!


My running backs are Zeke and Mccoy and WR’s are kind of weak.

Should I trade away Chris Hogan and Buck Allen for Terrell Pryor?
Should I trade away Hunter Henry, Chris Carson and Hogan for Amari Cooper and Bilal Powell?

Should I do either of these deals?

My WRS: Hogan, TY, Martavis, Decker
MY RBS: Mccoy, Zeke, Buck Allen, CJ2k, Chris Carson


Zeke and Elliot are the same person. Also just put down all your RBs and WRs and it makes it easier to give you a good answer.


Fixed it! Let me know what you think


I wouldn’t. You’ve got depth and viable starters. I like Terrell Pryor but he’s started off slow so far. You could use an upgrade at WR, but maybe give CJ2k a week or two to put up some points and hopefully raise his trade value then look to move him. If you move Allen you’ve got no viable backup RB which is risky. TY will be fine once Luck is back. Decker and Martavius are fine starting WR’s when you have a trio of stud RB’s. I absolutely would not even consider the second trade where you get Cooper and Powell.


I’d rather get the higher starter with getting Cooper by trading my bench pieces. Maybe opt for a better piece than Powell or leave him out?


Agree on all fronts with @JoshL. Either trade doesn’t particularly help you without hurting you in another area. And avoid Powell. I dropped him in my league and no one has even picked him up.


How about Hogan and Carson for Cooper? You’ll upgrade your WR for a RB bencher.