Need Big Upside Potential

This is a deep league with 3 WR, 2 RB and 2 Flex.

I’m 5-1 and want to assert dominance over my 2 placed opponent this week who happened to play Cooper last night so I’m hurting right now. It’s a PPR format.

Waivers are super limited due to the 8 bench spots each team gets. 10 team league. So here is my roster.

I have Cobb on my bench and Collins.

Waiver options are as follows:
A. Humphries
Z. Jones
R. Louis
Dion Lewis

It’s slim on waivers.

Considering pulling Murray simply because I need the high upside and if he is even slightly hobbled he could really kill my chances.

Call me crazy but I would consider playing Lewis over Murray. Gillislee isn’t getting it done and if you want that high upside big pop play Dion Lewis can get that for you. Murray is still noticeably hobbled, playing a legit run defense, has a solid backup behind him, and has a BYE week next week. Not completely out of the realm of possibilities to see the Titans rest Murray this week, giving him 2-3 full weeks to recover, and have him and Mariota fully healthy for their after BYE push. So I see Henry getting a little more work than normal this week.

Also, I cannot see your bench so I’m not sure who your other 6 bench spots are so I can’t tell if any of those guys are better plays than my opinion above.

NOTE: I see you like to live life dangerously letting your phone get down to 3%. Bold move.

Bench has:
Abdullah (Bye)
D. Lewis

Also would you play Wentz or Cousins?

Yes live dangerously. Ride it to 1%!

Any other thoughts fellas?

Hooper probably has a 2 TD upside.