Need Championship WR help

Full PPR. I lost Boyd. Currently on waiver I have M. William’s, Robert Foster, Hamilton, and Robby Anderson. Who would you pick up?

In full PPR if you need a safe floor play i’d go Hamilton, if you need major upside I’d lean Anderson or Williams. Anderson has a better matchup and should be a target hog and Allen needs to be out for Williams to offer his full upside and i don’t think we will know until later in the week.

Go with the gut for upside on either Anderson or Williams, but safer play as of today is Anderson for me as you know he’s getting volume. News on Allen between now and waivers clearing can close the gap though. Hope that helps and makes sense!

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Sure does I was leaning Anderson as well! Thank you!


I lost Boyd myself and torn between putting Samuel or Humphries in. I think Samuel has the better matchup but Cam looked hurt in last nights game, he couldnt throw much so that is a concern. So do I put my hopes in a WR3 like Humphries or WR in a mix bag like Samuel? Or pick up Anderson for the targets?

Anderson for the targets and upside, Enuwa is out as well so he’s not fighting anyone for targets this week. Hands off Panthers aside from CMC for me and Humphries doesn’t off the same upside Anderson does and for a floor play especially PPR i’d lean Hamilton over Humphries to be honest

Sadly my opponent has Hamilton. So putting a waiver in for Anderson it is. Thanks!

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Dude, you can def tell there’s something wrong with Cam’s shoulder and it’s really messing up his throws. Curtis Samuel is fine and all but I wouldn’t trust him for a championship week. In Anderson we trust!

Agreed and I have Ian Thomas, not good but there isn’t anyone really on the waivers worth picking up. Graham is the only possible option but he is not good. Jarwin might be good but that is another unknown factor in this weeks game vs Tampa. Lacosse might also be an option but once again unknown factor.