Need draft advice

Hello all, I have a dynasty draft tomorrow with the #7 & #19 picks. I want a useful RB& WR. The tope five picks are going to be the top five RB’s (CEH, Taylor, Swift, Akers, Dobbins). Burrow is going #6. I’m left with either going WR or reaching big for a next tier RB @ #7, like Moss. It should be an easy pick for me, but with where Jeudy and Lamb ended up, there’s circumstance ceiling’s that make me not want them. That means a reach for Reagor or another tier 2 WR, or a tier 2 RB, which does not satisfy me with a #7 overall. With WR so rich, I want an RB with the #7, and then get my WR with #19, but I think that means it would have to be Moss, who’s a mid 2nd. In my league he’ll probably go by the end of the first or early second round, but surely gone by #19. Hopefully I can get some sound advice from some Fantasy experts out here as to what you’d do with the #7 in a .5 PPR dynasty. Oh, and my draft is tomorrow! (Sunday), so I’ll be checking back to see what you have to say… Thanks!


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I’m in the same 7 spot in my dynasty draft. In the scenario you gave, I’m ok taking Jeudy or Lamb in that spot. I don’t think Burrow goes at 6, unless it’s a QB premium league or that team drafted Luck last year (mines just a reg, single qb league; Burrows will likely go late 1st, early 2nd). My biggest worry at the 7 spot is that the first 6 go (CEH, Taylor, Akers, Jeudy, Dobbins, Lamb)…and I gotta choose between Swift, Reagor, Vaughn and Ruggs.

I would be happy to get Swift @ #7, but I already know he’s going top 5, and Burrow is going #6. I would feel good taking either Jeudy or Lamb @ #7 except for the fact that they’re both heading to teams that are loaded for a long haul with premium receiving options, lowering their ceilings significantly. Reagor is my top WR choice past Jeudy and Lamb, but @ #7 I don’t like it. I think Moss is a better choice than Vaughn, especially since I have jones and am hoping he seizes the big opportunity he’s going to have. And even Moss, let alone Vaughn, @ #7 is to high. There’s really no trade options for me. I hate the position I’m in and really don’t know what I’m going to do at this point. I appreciate the feedback, though. It’s funny, because I held Barber and Jones for a season waiting for one to emerge, and it might be a good idea to do that with Vaughn, but not @ #7! I’m certain Vaughn will be gone by #19, though. It’s a sucky situation!

UDK currently has 7-10 as Swift-Raegor-Jefferson-Vaughn. Burrow 13th and Moss 17th. I feel like there’s a RB tier break based on offense/opportunity and perceived role between Moss and Vaughn (in full ppr, I think this tier break is even wider…as Moss isn’t considered a true 3-down back) All the picks in your range are heavy in risk, cuz we know the names based on draft capital but they’re still working out roles/pecking orders on their teams in Covid bubbles instead of preseason games. I get that you don’t love the landing spot of Jeudy and Lamb, but two of the best WR in this stacked WR draft should be able to beat out their respective #2’s on those offenses and I honestly think Jeudy could push/make Sutton the #2 before year end.

Yeah, I like the safer bet of Jeudy between him and Lamb, but I’m not at all sold on Lock, and Sutton looked legit to me. Fant’s numbers and outlook look for real, too. I obviously like Dack more than Lock at this point, and coming off 4,900 yards… but if things go well in Dallas those pass yards should regress and the rush should increase, making it impossible to create a true #1 out of Lamb. I haven’t seen Vaughn as low as 10. I see him around 15 right next to Moss. I Like Vaughn’s profile more than Moss (slightly), but I’ve been invested in Jones, have hope for him and don’t want to be redundant with the #7 overall. I don’t think there’s a way for me to feel great about whatever pick I make, but I need to figure out the best pick before 5pm. PCT. Please keep sharing feedback, I really appreciate your thoughts!!!

just for more insight, I’m in a 12 team 16 keeper dynasty with a 20 final roster. .5 PPR, standard 1pt/10yds rushing and receiving. I do know the top five picks are the top five RB’s, and Burrow going #6.

If you’re sold against Lamb, Jeudy or Vaughn after what it looks like will be drafted in front of you…I’d take a look at Ruggs, Gibson, and Raegor. Ruggs looks to be heavily involved in Oak…and Gibson gets a bump with Guice gone. Good luck!

I’m actually hoping that Vaughn might somehow slip to me @ 2.07. I like the Gibson prospect, but I can’t do him @ 1.07. I think I’m resigned at this point to go with a WR, and though I don’t like the landing spots for both Jeudy and Lamb, I figure they’re better picks @ #7 than Ruggs, Reagor or Jefferson. Who do you think between Jeudy and Lamb?

Firstly, Howdy and welcome!

Likely too late because of your Sunday draft, but maybe I am missing something? Have you already drafted your vets? If not, you will get insane value on the vets if others are drafting those rookies first. But perhaps I am overlooking something in your question.

Assuming it is like you are saying and you are only looking at rookies, I like Lamb over Jeudy. I actually like Reagor over Jeudy as well, but I get that’s not normal. I also quite like Jefferson / Mims in those early slots. I’d definitely go WR with 7 unless there is a surprise drop for Akers.

If you are looking for an RB, I’d probably reach for AJ Dillion (maybe he is already higher than I am thinking?) at your 19 pick. I am not a Moss fan and think Singletary is a value buy. I like Vaughn much more TBH. Having RoJo I can see as a hesitation, but it also (likely) gives you the TB backfield. I expect Vaughn to take over 2021 unless he is just a total flop. I think this year has more to do with Covid and RoJo showing familiarity. I like RoJo just fine, but to me Vaughn is better.

All this is probably for naught as you have drafted, but wanted to chime in with thoughts. Hopefully your draft went well!

Yeah, I’m in a 16 keeper 12 team dynasty with a 20 total roster. There were a few decent vets available but it’s more about trying to find those long term rookie gems, as you know. I drafted Lamb @ 1.07, which I’m not perfectly thrilled about. He’s awesome and I love the guy, but not the situation at all. I could have had Vaughn in the 2nd but took a flyer on Gibson instead. I almost pulled the trigger on Vaughn and perhaps should have, but as much a wild card crap shoot Gibson is, his metrics and opportunity caused me to take a chance on him. I’m afraid of Rojo’s future, or lack of, for sure. But, I have to hold out hope that he excels with the chance he has. The irony of your Dillon suggestion is that, like the Rojo situation, I have Aaron Jones and have to hope that he continues to be featured both in and out of the red zone. He was unstoppable near the goal line and with 16 rushing TD’s, what the hell was GB doing drafting Dillon ahead of a WR?!? (I also have Rodgers and that pisses me off!) I barely missed Mims later, and I have to say that all in all I’m not very satisfied with my draft. If I had the #5 position I would have had a great draft, but as you know, you never know until things play out. Thanks for the feedback…