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Need draft help


i’m the second pick in a full point 12 team ppr league and so will obviously be picking either dj or bell first, but then when it comes around to my turn again i struggle to find a solid wr1. the players left are generally cooper, hopkins, cooks, see, or d.thomas. who would you recommend to pick in the 20-25 range?


I’d be in with any of those but Hopkins. Cooks is likely now in line for more targets due to the Edelman injury, so that price doesn’t scare me quite so much. DT is safe, if unspectacular. I could also be talked into this being the year Cooper really takes off. That’s probably the highest upside if the bunch, but also may be the lowest floor. Since you’re on the short turn, I might consider taking my favors 2 of those three. I’d probably go Cooper and DT to get upside and hedge with some safety.