Need Drop Advice

So Desean Jackson is on my waiver wire in my 10 team half PPR league. I definitely have some guys who aren’t worth owning over him but I’m struggling pulling the trigger on cutting any of them for him. Here’s my roster right now:

So I think the obvious options are Snell, Rodgers and Harris. I’m leaning Harris but his potential upside is making me struggle to pull the trigger. I think I want Snell to have the insurance for Conner and I like having Rodgers as a backup for Lamar but I can definitely see how he’s probably the easiest drop.

Let me know what you guys think/would do in my spot. Thanks!

To me it’s Rodgers, I Almost never keep a backup QB on my bench in a 10 team league.

Next I would say Harris. Pitt has already said Snell is the backup and Conner is unlikely to make it 16 games. A lot of experts are high of Harris this year to take over that NE backfield, but to me that situation is super muddy. I don’t feel confidant that anyone will be a true workhorse in that offense.


Thanks man, I appreciate the input! Do you agree that I should pick up DJax over these guys or would you stay put as is?

Yes he needs to be owned.