Need Dynasty League Members (Paid League)

Hello all,
I am looking to begin my first ever Dynasty League with some committed and football loving people! I already have a few members, so I will be looking for about 6 spots, which would make the league 12 people, but I am also opened to this becoming a 16 person league.

The settings are not set in stone as I am willing to work with everyone involved to find what we all agree to be the best settings.

I would personally prefer to have the league be a 1/2 PPR.
This will be a paid league, not set but thinking anywhere from 20-75 dollars, also I would like to have this year and next year paid upfront to ensure people not dropping.

After I have done my research, MFL seeems to be the best league, so if everyone would be willing to pitch in about 5 bucks to make that happen or we can find an alternate platform.

Aside from that, if you are interested please reply/comment about your interest as well as your preferences. Once I have all of the owners in place we can take this conversation elsewhere to bring us all into one chatroom for the highest performance communication and agreement on league settings.

Lastly, I am willing to have this be a 3 man commishioner league in order to split duties and avoid unfair rulings.

Thank you all for reading and I look forward to your responses so we can get this Dynasty Fantasy League on the road!

Im interested.
.5-1pt ppr

Multiple flex spots perferred
Open to superflex
No kicker or dst

I’m interested as well.

I’m interested as well if there isn’t any defense or kickers.

I am also interested as long as MFL is the format.

.5pt PPR
Multiple Flex
IDP (but would be okay with no D/ST & K)

So y’all have zero interest with Kicker or Defenses? I personally like them, maybe if y’all can tell me why you prefer neither we can strike an agreement in a league without Kicker or Defense.

Count me in.

I think we should have kicker and Defense.
Full PPR
2 years paid up front- great idea

@logangclark13 Hey, I replied to another post before I Saw this one, but I am definitely interested! :smile: My email is

If there’s room I would love to join, thanks!


Also, forgot to mention, but I’m pretty flexible in terms of preferences. I like D/ST and Kickers, but can see where they could be removed in a dynasty format.

Definitely lean more towards a .5 PPR and multiple flex.

Again as you said, open to discussion once league is set.

If there is any more room then I’m Interested!

I’m interested for sure. I’d even take it seriously for free, but whatever the league amount is just let me know. Half point ppr sounds good. Send me an Email at if you still need members.

I’m interested. I’ve been looking for dynasty league.

Hey I’d be interested send me an email

Definitely interested if you are still looking -

I’m interested… Ppr and Supeflex will be nice