Need Dynasty team filled

Trying to fill a team in my dynasty league. Owner never participates and when i checked about the draft they seemed good and now they are holding up the draft… SO need someone to fill team. Its a 50 dollar buy in and i will post team below

Scoring system? When is the draft?

Pretty Standard scoring, PPR, 6 Point Per touchdown QB. No kickers or defenses. Draft is ongoing its a slow draft with 4 hour limit and paused at 10 Pacific each night. That team youd be taking over autodrafted Jamar Chase already.

I’ll take it. LeagueSafe? Also, Link to the league? Thanks!

No, it will be Venmo @Adamj619 . Unfortunately everyone in the league i know so theres no issues with payments… as long as thats cool with you i can send you league invite??

Sure. I’d just like to see the league first . . .

I don’t have Venmo, is Zelle OK?

I dont have that. Paypal is fine if you have that.

Not sure how to send you league info without an invite… Are you meaning you want me to invite you into the league??

Right. I can’t see it otherwise

Or just tell me the name & I can go there and see it.

Corona Dynasty is the name… I have no idea how to send link of the league… Cant find it anywhere

Are you the commish? I can’t find a way in without an invite.

Also, my username is WA_Gold

If you go to your league settings, there is a place there to get an invite.

Also available if spot needed, have venmo as well

Hi! Looks an opening in another league I’m in. It’s a start-up. Trying to get to 12 owners.